M. Christiansen Sunday
martinmch.com February 12, 2017
Saltvand i Blodet (Saline in the blood)

As an avid sailor, I think it’s important to educate the youth of today on how life as a sailor is today, and how it was in the last 150 years.

Many years ago, I stumbled onto a website from “Øhavsmuseerne” about life at sea, called “Saltvand i Blodet”. The municipality had allocated funds for creating this material, and employees at the museums had gone out and interviewed old sailors, and created this digital resource.

The resource has by far been taken down, and the museums themselves don’t even have a copy anymore. I took a personal copy, when the site was online, and created a document out of it in LibreOffice back in 2010. This document is poorly formatted, and no good as education material.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to reproduce this material. First goal is to create a nicely formatted pdf1, that will be publicly available, and later, if time allows it, a website as well.

The reproduction is currently done by rewriting the book in markdown, and converting it to LaTeX using Pandoc. Although the overhead of this structure is quite large, so I will most likely convert this to a pure LaTeX project. This should also aid any attempt at translating it later.

I originally chose Markdown and Pandoc, since this approach would allow the content to be easily converted into both PDF and HTML. Since the HTML version is in the far future, I’ve decided to ditch this flexibility, and get the ease of working with pure LaTeX for formatting the book.

The project is available in a git repository.

  1. I would of course love to create an English version of the material as well, but I need to find the time to do so. ↩︎