M. Christiansen Tuesday
martinmch.com March 3, 2020
E-mail etiquette

E-mail is an abbreviation for electronic mail. Mail is a system for interchanging letters. So to better understand e-mail, we should understand regular mail.

Regular mail begins in your house. You’re sitting at the front-line in the trenches. The bombing has finally stopped, you don’t know for how long. You get out a piece of paper, and a pen to scribble your last thoughts down for your family to read. You begin by putting the date down in the upper right corner, and then you’re greeting. We’ll get back to writing the body of the letter. In

                                                            February 23, '17

Dear Mom

                                    I've written two or three times recently
so you may get them together. I've been so very busy lately. The shells have
been pouring out on to the hills. I'm really looking forward to my furlough
in two weeks time. I'll be spending it in Paris buying presents for all of
you.  We've been spending days on end in these muddy brown trenches. I al-
most can't feel my feet anymore. Really looking forward to walking around
the garden in my bare feet, feeling the green grass between my toes once

With love
your son

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