M. Christiansen Sunday
martinmch.com July 31, 2016
Social Media Stop (SMS)

I’ve never been a big consumer of social media. I prefer to read my news in a newspaper, and hear about my friends lives and endeavours over a cup of coffee. I prefer, as much as possible, to meet up with my social circle.

Until recently, I considered social media as a tool, but lately it has become a burden. A circus. I’m quitting the circus. Not to break off contact with old and new acquaintances. On the contrary I hope that we can reach out to each other and keep (or reestablish) contact.

My door is always open, and a pot of coffee is always brewing. I’ll seldom turn down a beer or a game of cards, or just talk of all old and new. A stroll through Copenhagen? I’d love to. If I’m bad at reaching out to you, my sincerest apologies for my timidity.

Please reach out, before I reach out to you. I live in the northern part of Zealand, my contact information is readily available.

Got questions or suggestions? Feel free to reach out.