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Rules for developing code

posted on Nov 25, 2015, and last updated on Sep 24, 2020

Some of these are inspired by The Power of 10 Rules by Gerard J. Holzmann. Avoid complex flow constructs, such as goto and recursion. Read more. All loops must have fixed bounds. This prevents runaway code. Avoid heap memory allocation Restrict classes to a single printed page Restrict the scope of data to the smallest possible Abstain from using void (except at entry-point) in functions.

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Websites and web applications

posted on Sep 24, 2014, and last updated on Jan 18, 2022

The world wide web has evolved into two major categories: websites and web applications. This is my personal way of distinguishing between the two. Websites: Focus on content Stays the same Links are reliable Browser behavior is backwards compatible Promotes web surfing All people have their own site Works1 without javascript Web applications: Dynamic Promotes staying on few pages. Keeps all people on the same sites. Further reading Web of Documents Daniel Janus Works means that the

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Using croc for running multiple git hooks

posted on Aug 29, 2014, and last updated on Nov 15, 2021

I needed the opportunity to run several checks in one git hook. To accomplish this, I wrote croc1. It’s a very simple and crude script with some pretty printing. It’s very useful for running checks as git hooks. To use the dispatcher, symlink it to the desired git hook stage, and create a corresponding directory. Symlink or move any existing scripts into the dispatcher directory. Git hook will trigger the dispatcher, triggering any scripts not marked as .

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