M. Christiansen Thursday
martinmch.com January 12, 2017
Handling a music library in 2020

My generation has all but destroyed the idea of owning music. When I was young, CD collections (and from these, ripped mp3 collections) was very common, and there were certain CD’s that everybody owned.

When I went to university, I’d pick out the 3-5 CDs that I wanted to listen to that day, and bring them and my discman. This solution was good, but not very flexibly, and when I had long days (everyday), I had a maximum of 5 different CDs to listen to.

Today, nobody owns CD’s anymore, and most people don’t own the music they listen to, but merely stream it from various providers. The ease and flexibility of this solution is, naturally, very attractive. I am however faced with two issues:

My original solution to this, was the same as it was twenty years ago. I have a folder on my PC called music indexed by authors and then by albums. That’s all fine and dandy.

But say I’m at work, and want to listen to one of my CD’s. That’s no problem, I just copy my music folder to my work laptop. This has several issues:

So I had to come up with something else. Two things came to mind. I could 1) store my music on a large usb or external hard drive, or 2) store all my music on a server, and create my own streaming setup, allowing me to listen to all my music from any device, given some authorization credentials.

The streaming server would decrease the maintenance task of backing up the hard drive, although it would require an internet connection for me to listen to music. Not ideal.

Thus my solution anno 2020 is as follows: