Intention of my website
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This website is my collection of documents on the World Wide Web. I won’t guarantee that the documents won’t be updated and altered, but I’ll do what’s in my power to keep all links alive and well.

When I launched my first website, and a good many years after that, I was a little uncomfortable with it. But people I trust have persuaded me that some might find it interesting, and I realized that it would allow me to acknowledge those who’ve helped me along the way. I don’t like to brag on myself, and I won’t start now.

I got my first website in 2002 coinciding with when I learned HTML. At that point, I used it for sharing game modifications, and pictures/diaries from vacations. It also contained HTML versions of some emails I’d sent.

In university, I used it my website for sharing notes with my fellow students. When I was teaching classes, I’d use my website as a general repository for handouts, lecture notes and other course related papers.

Since then the web has evolved so unbelivably fast. And naturally, I’ve swum with the current. Dynamic websites, CMS, web applications, and most recently static website generators. I won’t be bashing any of these here.

In 2013, a couple of weeks after recreating my personal website as a web application using Ruby on Rails, I realized how much my website had changed, and how far it’d gotten from its original intent. Sharing (semi-public) documents with the World Wide Web.

I immediately reverted my website back to a static HTML website, and later to a static website generated from markdown files. This was all fine and dandy, but I still felt a distance to the content on my website.

I have finally taken the ultimate step and now maintain my website the same way I did back in 2003. A collection of documents (mostly HTML) interlinked in the World Wide Web, to hopefully be of value to someone (Hi, Mom!).