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Is it safe to download files from a shady website?

posted on Jan 30, 2022

Trusting people on the internet can be difficult. Especially when they tempt us with things we want. It’s important to understand the basics of trust online, and determine for yourself what risks are worth taking. You should use all the tools available to help you make an informed decision, and weigh it against how much you need the offered good.

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Controlling a remote MPD server

posted on Jun 30, 2021, and last updated on Jan 18, 2022

I’ve written about my music setup on multiple occasions, and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of which I could control my remote MPD server today.

I’ve been running MPD on my personal computer for close to six years now. As I was working on my office laptop today, I wanted to skip a song, but had no easy access to my personal computer. Luckily, this was easily solved by directing my office laptop MPD client (vimpc) to my personal computer.

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The misunderstood concept of code comments

posted on Aug 11, 2020, and last updated on Nov 18, 2021

Code comments shouldn’t be syntax highlighted as faded grey, or other hard to see colors. They should be red as a wildfire, and you shouldn’t have that many of them. Comments should explain the why, never the what. Explaining the why is creating a breadcrumb trail through the code to allow easy reading. Explaining the what is just dumbing down the code and increases the risk of comment rot.

The pinnacle of good code is for it to be self-documenting in other’s eyes, but during

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E-mail etiquette

posted on Mar 3, 2020, and last updated on Jun 4, 2020

E-mail is an abbreviation for electronic mail. Mail is a system for interchanging letters. So to better understand e-mail, we should understand regular mail. Regular mail begins in your house. You’re sitting at the front-line in the trenches. The bombing has finally stopped, you don’t know for how long. You get out a piece of paper, and a pen to scribble your last thoughts down for your family to read. You begin by putting the date down in the upper right corner, and then

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My take on Blind Carbon Copy

posted on Mar 3, 2020, and last updated on Jun 4, 2020

The term carbon copy refers to copying a document being written by putting a piece of carbon paper in between two sheets of paper, before typing/writing on the top piece of paper. When writing an e-mail the CC field is used for sending copies to other recipients. The BCC field is used for sending copies to other recipients without informing the initial recipient(s) about it. An email-address is a piece of contact information.

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A mathematical writing checklist

posted on Dec 4, 2018, and last updated on Nov 15, 2021

I kept refering my students to “A Guide to Writing Mathematics”. written by Dr. Kevin P. Lee. The checklist is replicated below: Is your paper neatly typed? If you write the equations by hand, make sure that you have written in all of the equations. Also make sure that you have included all of the diagrams and graphs you intended to. Make sure that the paper is double-spaced and has wide enough margins.

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Handling a music library in 2017

posted on Jan 12, 2017, and last updated on Jan 28, 2022

The concept having a music collection has changed drastically since I was a kid. I was raised with CD collections (and from these ripped mp3 collections). These were very common, and there were certain CDs that everybody had in their collection. When I was studying, I found the process of selecting and moving music to my cellphone was tedious. Further more, the software for managing music and playlists on my cellphone was subpar.

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Social Media Stop (SMS)

posted on Jul 31, 2016, and last updated on Jan 18, 2022

I’ve never been a big consumer of social media. I prefer to read my news in a newspaper, and hear about my friends lives and endeavours over a cup of coffee. I prefer, as much as possible, to meet up with my social circle. Until recently, I considered social media as a tool, but lately it has become a burden. A circus. I’m quitting the circus. Not to break off contact with old and new acquaintances.

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Web writing tips

posted on May 14, 2016, and last updated on Jun 1, 2021

Highlight keywords Use meaningful sub-headings Use bulleted lists One idea per paragraph. Use the inverted pyramid (conclusion first). Use half the word count.

Avoid complex flow constructs

posted on Nov 25, 2015, and last updated on Apr 28, 2019

If If is one of the major flow constructs in most languages. There are plenty of cases where if statements are completely justified, but there are also a lot of places, where they’re unnecessary. Consider the following: namespace UsingIfs { public interface IDrink { string Name { get; } List<Ingredient> Ingredients { get; } float Price { get; } } public class OrangeJuice : IDrink { public string Name => "Orange juice"; public List<Ingredient> Ingredients => new

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